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We are a private search engine, focused on protecting your privacy online.

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We care about your privacy and work hard to protect it, so you could take control of your personal information and focus on discovering the content that matters – faster and safer.

That is why we do not store your browsing history, nor collect cookies.

Take control of your privacy

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Browse the web without being tracked. Ever.

Block Scripts

Nobody likes being followed – so why make any exception online? Easily block advertisers from tracking your every movement on the web.

Take control of your privacy

Secure & Private

Keep your personal information kept, well… personal!  You can finally keep your data safe — and to yourself — online.

Privacy Essentials

We don’t store any of your searches or personal information, because you — and only you — should control your privacy online.

Private search – how it works

Privado allows you to search privately. Unlike other browsers and search engines, Privado does not save your history and cookies on your browser. In addition, we enhance your local browsing privacy: if you forget to close your Privado tab after completing your search, your Privado search history will be deleted from your browser after few minutes of inactivity.

When you hit the search button, communication to Privado servers is done using SSL encryption: encrypting your search term locally before being sent to our servers. Privado servers store your searches for 96 hours to make sure you are a valid user (not a bot or bad traffic). Post 96 hours, your searches and PII* is deleted.

We do not share your data with any other third party but the search provider: Bing. Your query and personally identifiable information are transfered to the search provider in order to bring you the most precise search results. Bing anonymizes your machine’s IP by changing its last octet to ‘0’ after 96 hours.

Search results may include sponsored results and organic results.

* PII data (Personally Identifiable Information): IP address, User Agent and Url Referrer.